If it’s a door, you run into issues with those that run retro systems can’t run Java , dropfile and transfer of connection information e. I even have a Draft email to beg you on the subject. I have considered learning a bit of python too as well but id like to stay in Java since ive already spent alot of time learning some of it. If no option is supplied, Mystic will generate a list of all files in the File Bases in the user’s current file group. This command sends the contents of a display file to user. If the BBS is configured to place uploads in a specific File Base, then the file will be uploaded into that base.

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I even have a Draft email to beg you on the subject.


FreePascalOpenWatcomand FreeBasic are all decent open-source compilers for those languages that can target DOS as well as Linux and Windows, so would door32s.ys better choices for simplicity and portability.

The bases listed are the bases in their current group. Archaic Binary is in Cthere are a few softs in Ruby, etc. Roguelike idea Mud brainstorming Simcity inspired game.

In fact, a user can upload as many files as they want at one time without ever entering any file names or information about the file! This command will allow the user to search for files by performing a partial text match against the filename OR any text in the file description. If no path is provided, Mystic will use the current theme’s text directory. The following section contains Odor32.sys List menu commands: In the Linux and OS X versions, Mystic automatically redirects the standard input and output of external programs, allowing many programs that are not even designed for BBSes to be used.


Doors — x/84 documentation

Neither one is really suitable for writing a BBS door. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet.

This field should not include a file dor32.sys as. Mystic BBS has a completely configurable and incredibly flexible menu system that allows for full control over the visual appearance and functionality of the BBS.

Door32.ays command sends the contents of a display file to user. This command will compile a list of files in the File Bases based on the user’s access levels. The user’s password cannot be sent using an code and must be manually supplied due to the password encryption.

This command will list files in the user’s currently selected File Base. These drop files are always created in the node’s specific temporary directory.

I really would like to learn to make my own MUDlike type of game and other bbs types of games like puzzlers and casual games. Beginners level programmer here.

This file is always created in lower cased letters on all operating systems.

BBS Door development

Each menu consists of the basic settings, and a list of menu commands that define what options are available on each menu. If no data is provided, Mystic will ask the user if they’d like to scan the current base or all bases in the user’s current File Group.


The user is prompted for a file name, and the filename is then searched for throughout all Bases in the user’s current file group. Mystic will display bbsnews from the user theme text directory but only if it has been edited since the user’s last call Data: SYS drop file in the node’s temporary directory. Some examples of the DATA commands: FS – Search for files Data: FU – Upload a file Data: An Auto signature is an user created signature that can optionally be automatically appended to each message posted by the user.

The [FILE] parameter uses the same rules as discussed above.

If data is G then Mystic will scan all File Bases in the current group without prompting. Users can scroll through and search through this list, and select File Bases to list files in as well as “subscribe” and “unsubscribe” to specific bases.

Mystic fully supports long file names in both file directories and file names, and has extended support for things like ANSI within.

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