I also have a 64bit pc, hardware and software but must admit this is windows 7 and windows 8. In the absence of a direct connection, this is more than adequate. The USB to Com converter does what is does, it converts the type of connection to the PC, actuall that part of hardware seems to work fine. I think it can be concluded that the problem is originating from my own PC at home. Simaon, have you looked at those settings? Callum Administrator Hero Member Posts: Also the communication to the etrex seems to work fine via the updater, which is asking different functionality then google earth or other apps , at least it is recognized also proven by installing on other pc’s.

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WinXP is older than Vista. What I understand is that the operating system does recognize the etrex to be connected, as a USB device?

Modernizing your Garmin serial interface

After going through the welcome responses to this last night, I decided to uninstall the whole shooting match, and start from scratch. Once again, the eTrex successfully communicated with Google Earth.

Skills4Survival Full Member Posts: I think you need the communicator plugin http: There is one thing that has not yet been discussed in this thread unless I overlooked it: In the absence of a direct connection, this is more than adequate. Garjin installing it, I received the following confirmation on the Garmin web page suggesting the installation was successful: Make sure that your eTrex H is not connected to your PC then: I have not used this configuration before, but looking at the Garmin webpage about the Communicator Pluginfollowing catches my attention: If a Garmin device is connected and you’re still having problems, download and install etgex latest Garmin Gatmin drivers.


Do you have access to another PC to test the setup?

Either way, neither the Garmin test page nor Google Earth would recognize the eTrex. I chose this unit because of the wealth of related information available both here etrrex the forum and within the videos on the website, which got me up to speed with its basic use, and how it can supplement my map and compass.

If yes, in that case I would focus on the combination between the comms plugin and google earth. Restart the device, check the connections and try again. Satnav is new to me, so I have no other Garmin software Basecamp, Mapsource installed at this time with which to test connectivity.

Ivo’s Skills4Survival solution should provide the solution for you Sreial. Please login or register.

They told me they had a definite fix for this and would send the details I needed via e-mail. Ivo, In line with your comments, I downloaded both Mapsource and Basecamp.


My PC is a 64 bit and my eTrex connects fine Silkylemon. Question whether the garmin software does detect your device or not, at all. Connection to Google Earth was flawless.

Garmin PC Interface Cable – Rs Serial Port Connector-etrex H eTrex Legend | eBay

I reinstalled in this order: Thanks Lyle, Ivo and boogyman. The test was done on a 64bit machine running Windows 7. Close your browser then run the file called CommunicatorPlugin 3. So, most 32 bit software simple runs on 64bit machines, by default. Click Cancel to stop.

Modernizing your Garmin serial interface

I would be very grateful agrmin any advice or suggestions forum members can provide. This may take a few minutes. Any further suggestions would be welcome. I also called Garmin and explained the situation in detail.

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