If you are in need of a network backup solution, it should comes as no surprise that this Swiss Army knife of a drive does that too. The Home Media drive also has a built-in BitTorrent downloader, which can grab files from the Internet — even when your computer is off. I decided to change to a compatible router to get this issue solved permanently. You can also invite friends and family to view specific files or folders stored on the drive — a great way for you to share family snapshots and vacation photos with relatives who think that Twitter is a little yellow cartoon bird who is constantly harassed by “puddy tats. I was able to share multimedia files with easy. Features like automatic uploading pictures to facebook and youtube was welcome and the torrent download feature makes it reasonably complete.

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Iomega Network Drive Reformatting. Automatically resize photos any lower resolution Watermark: As for the thread you pointed me to, I’m afraid I’ve been there already, and even posted on it.

As a result, every network user enjoys uninterrupted file access even when the other PCs on the network are not running, providing client PCs with total flexibility to shut down or reboot as needed.

Be the first to review this item. The Iomega Network Hard Drive lightens the storage fthernet for networked PCs without the cost and complexity of a server. My eyes fell on the Iomega home media drive for just one reason it was Mac and PC compatible. As soon as you suspect a system failure with an Iomega product, turn it off and remove it from the system.


Iomega Network Drive Reformatting

I was unable to copy bulky files. I was able to share multimedia files with easy.

For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. The best part is that my PS3 was able to connect to the media drive easily. But I was wrong, after talking to the Iomega support guy I realized that it had nothing to do with the NAS but with my router. Create additional users and secure their content with password protection User Quotas: You can also set the drive to downsize and watermark your photos, perfect for those who wish to share their work online — but don’t want to see it stolen and reproduced without permission.

Prime Jul 19, We support data recovery on all models of Iomega storage products as follows: Optical drive; Ethernet network Software: Any idea of how the drive could be reformatted hacking into ext2?

Update Unrecognized Zip Code. I highly appreciate and recommend this drive. Jobs run in the background and can be scheduled after hours so your data is being protected while you sleep.

Please read our Privacy Policy and User Agreement. The Network Hard Drive then appears on the desktop as a locally attached drive and can be used just like any other drive.


Recovering Data From Iomega Hard Disk Drives

There is no doubt that the Home media network hard drive is a solid NAS. And e-mailing sensitive files can raise security concerns. See any errors on this page? Alternatively, the operating system recognises the drive but asks the user to format it. Using your Home Media Network Hard Drive and another Iomega Personal Cloud device, you can set up scheduled copy jobs to duplicate data in another site. The installation was not complete and I logged in again as an admin user.

The USB port can also be used to connect an external hard drive — giving you more room to store files — or to connect a printer — making it easy to print from any computer in your network.

You can configure the drive to automatically upload files stored within specified folders to Facebook, YouTube, and Flickr. This new product meets a huge demand for flexible, low-cost network storage for the kinds of files that people are using today. In both situations, Data Detect has refined its ability to rescue seemingly lost data from broken devices.

I was able to stream digital files onto TV with the help of my Xbox

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