So let’s take a look at the board! Sat Dec 29, 2: Good job it can do that OK! Bundle and Presentation The presentation of the board was above average and it’s nice to see companies making the effort on their boxed boards that are available from retailers. The power filters are all neatly lined up in rows by the ATX power connect and the northbridge has a very snazzy active heatsink on it! As long as you can get your own C4, lol. Still, motherboard manufacturers stayed away from ALi except for Iwill that is.

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Fitted with an all-in-one monoblock which matches the Gigabyte Aorus aesthetic.

Gaming Benchmarks and Conclusions. If anyone has any other explanation other than module incompatibility then let me know and I can hopefully revisit the board using the same module.

Overclocking the Iwill XPR – VIA KTA Motherboard Roundup – January

Originally posted by angrysand: It’s shown iiwll our stress tests that the board didn’t fail with either the Athlon-C 1. A weaker processor wouldn’t have been able to save the XPR I fear but iwil at least it seems fixable with a different memory module perhaps so don’t write the board off.

You are also forced to run the processor bus synchronous with the memory clock meaning some front side bus clocking of the processor and consequently the whole system. Well, of course, I’m neither a gamer, nor an overclocker, so my AMD based AD11 is perfectly adequate for me — very stable and well-performing for what I use it. Considering the fact that far fewer problems have been reported with the XP and its predecessors, it might be worth going for it, even if you end up with an older revision board, since it has decent if not top performance, and fewer issues than the KTA.


This may be the cause for our little hiccup since the BIOS may not know about the Samsung memory on the module. A double glance at the graph will show you what’s wrong.

So we’ve seen that the ALi Magik 1 chipset on the XPR is actually more capable at this point in time than the KT so lets take a look at what IWill have done with the rest of the board.

Upon receiving and testing the board we were iwil, impressed by what the board offers us. The memory benchmark from Sandra is very interesting however.

Iwill XP333-R

Price and availability wise, Overclockers. Tue Jan 01, 4: As xp33 on the bottom half of a board these days, everything is standard for the most part.

A shame since it’s one of the selling points of the chipset and board. Haltech Ars Tribunus Militum Registered: IWill has always seemed to take pride in their boards, and equip them with much higher quality sound chipsets, and for this we are glad.

Privacy policy and Terms of Use. If they fail, they are destroyed. Reaper0Bot0 Ars Praefectus Registered: Make sure you are getting the right board when you purchase.


Stellar On board Audio. The previous occupier of the case was a Pentium 4 board and with that removed, installation was a cinch. I have logs of each configuration with uptimes and faults. We’ll skip the CPU benchmarks in this review since they don’t show anything of note other than the CPU working correctly.

The reason for this is the comparatively poor memory bandwidth performance from the ALi chipset. The CPU socket has plenty of room around it and I had no trouble installing the iwil used for testing, the Swiftech MCX I bought it as xxp333 Socket version for Pentium 4 motherboards but it’s perfectly usable in Socket mode without the Socket mounting brackets. I want my board stable and if these extra checks assist it in doing so, i could care less about how long it takes.

Tue Jan 01, 5: Something for the enthusiast to investigate.

Iwill XP333 Review.

Overall I liked the board a lot and the features help numb the disappointing performance from the memory controller. I’d have preferred it in the old position but you can’t have everything!

For the CPU frequency, you need more Vcore and excellent cooling.

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