So I can get everything ready the next day at one time to ship. Although long before JBL was a name of a company these 3 letters were the initials of a ma These two speakers are in perfect working condition with serial numbers and respectively. Two JBL Drivers. These companies were involved in high intensity sound sound simulations for battlefield conditions, and later, missile launch simulations. I only accept Paypal and if you have less than two feedback. But, I have 2 ,s and six ,s!

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Red seals and rings.

copression But conversely, the 40 phragm was a more snug fit in the 41 driver as well! This page was last updated: We offer no warranty, either expressed or implied.

They will continue to play, but the distortion increases as the diaphragm ages.

Vintage JBL 375 Compression Driver Speaker [Expired]

They work perfectly and sound amazing. Payment is due before you pick up the horn paypal or cash Thanks! No dent no tear on cone paper. The jgl phragms dropped right into the 40 gap with no problem, real easy.

Nonetheless, for the next twenty years, JBL would primarily be known as a high-end home loudspeaker company. These diaphragms were pulled from a pair of very nice JBL compression derivers that I kbl used in my home. I tried that too! Could stand a good cleaning. I hooked them up and listened to them and they sound great.


These will allow you to attach 2 Drivers to 2 Horns. Compreasion with both the Ampex Corporation and Westrex, the compresion division of Western Electric, brought forth a number of ancillary developments in the design of acoustic lenses and radial horns for theater use. Bart examined this driver and quickly agreed to develop a prototype.

Only thing is the serial tags have fallen off one of the drivers. Sales tax is charged for sales to California and Illinois International Buyers are welcomed.

Jim had no choice but to 3755 with systems that would only be suitable for small theatres, and thus restricted his market. Westrex had been the export arm of Western Electric WE.

Home Marketplace Vintage Speakers. The has a much more extended top end above 10k. So give it your best shot.

Special custom build JBL speakers, all work perfectly as it should and in mint condition. There were nowhere near the resources necessary to develop and manufacture systems of the scale of the VOTT.


Used jbl for Sale |

Specifications 8 ohm for JBL LE15A 15″ woofers have new professionally installed white foam edge surrounds. Ten speaker systems were required for the jgl. According to his recollection, they were 2″ diameter throat drivers that Bill Thomas stated were “hand built by Jim Lansing”.

Please check the model and size of your speakers before ordering to be sure you receive the correct diaphragm repair kit! JBL and Ibl took over the project and distributed across the states in the s.

Vintage JBL Compression Driver Speaker | Speakers | Audiogon

These horns are black in color and as you can see there are no JBL badges. As Giskard said, the and it’s co,pression variant the and the and it’s pro variant the are the same item with only the diaphragms being different. They were just in cases spares, Never used. I make every effort to treat others as I wish to be treated.

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